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19 Aug 2021
If this is Apple Care, why did I just get a phone call from this number from a woman who identified herself as being from Leading Edge Recovery Solutions?
01 Aug 2021
I got 3 calls since this morning at my office number.called ID showed Apple Comp Svswhen I answered the call, they hung on meso I called back, automated systems said : Apple Carethat's it and the call was cut offwhile I am writing this... I got 4th call and they hung up as soon I answered.
01 Aug 2021
Called and left several messages. I do not want calls from this number again.
27 Jul 2021
Hi,I just called this number thinking it was apple care. The tech who answered was in India. He was vaguely helpful, over solicitous , got into our computer remotely, then after 1/2 an hour called in his supervisor who advised us that our iPads were out of service (not true, both are less than a year old), and told us they can fix our problem, remotely, for $99.00. This didn't make sense and we said our goodbyes. We found the correct apple care number (800-my-apple), who told us they are only located either in the States, or in Canada, and that our experience was probably with scammers. Our problem was fixed quickly and we were not charged.Beware (they use a program called I-Yogi).
05 Jul 2021
Hi Dear apple store My Apple id Has Been Locked plz help me this apple id with accosiate my iPhone 5 now i am update my iPhone after big problem my iPhone no activate plz open my apple id
29 Jun 2021
This number is Apple Care. I set up an appointment online for a tech to call me. One called within a few minutes. I had just bought a new iPhone and was having trouble getting it set up. There is a way that scammers can use legitimate numbers. I read about it on this web site.
23 Jun 2021
Probably Leading Edge using some sketchy CID spoofing.
19 Jun 2021
They asked me all sorts of questions when they called. They didn't have my name right and they wouldn't tell me the nature of their call unless I gave them info. They did say they were 'Leading Edge' and it was private bussiness. I phoned back and they wouldn't tell me why they called. The woman said her name was Alisha Smith. I have now blocked them. I have been on the do not call list since it began so I assume it's illegal to get these calls.
13 Jun 2021
Yeah they keep calling me over and over, back to back, every time they leave a voicemail saying '10 minutes thank you'
08 Jun 2021
see that there is 800-APL-CARE in the number. Call them, you get their menu.

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