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11 Dec 2021
I knew it was a scam. I've been getting calls from this same number several times already. I've called that toll free # & a live woman answered. She informed me that it was a U.S. Capital Bank & someone was spoofing their number. She apologized for the trouble. Then she asked for any credit cards I owned & asked for the numbers. I asked why ? She said it was to protect my credit cards. I said no & hung up. As you can see it's a scam center. The number is still operating.
05 Dec 2021
your card has a problem-
14 Sep 2021
Wanted my account number. Nope!
02 Sep 2021
A woman's voice said 'I am from your credit card company'. She did not mention the name of the company. She said I could take advantage of a limited time offer for me to lower my interest rate and wanted me to press '1'. Dialing the number back got the same recorded voice saying she is from Card Member Service and she will be helping me with my account.I do not have any credit card debt, so lowering interest is not an option that would apply to me.
17 Aug 2021
Said Chase Card Services, had a name, that's about it. Trying to get other info...Sounded Indian or Pakistani..
09 Aug 2021
did not answer
30 Jul 2021
What an irritating call. They have called numerous times and it is a recorded woman's voice. Blah, Blah, Blah !!!!
27 Jul 2021
are you hearing impared too??? never ever ever give ANYONE your social security number --- not EVER ... not under ANY circumstances. if you have any checking, savings, credit cards >>> ANY TYPE of an account ANYWHERE in YOUR NAME >>> i would suggest that you CLOSE it ASAP!
15 Jul 2021
Keep an eye on all your accounts including your bank account. You can do this online. If you do this online be sure you have your firewall activated and good security on your computer. There are free programs that are good, like AVG. Make a police report so it is on record. If someone uses your number they may not use it for months so you have to keep checking. I guess you should contact social security and see what they say. I have not had my ss stolen, but someone got my debit card number and the security number on the back. I'm 99.9 percent sure it was a local restaurant. I caught the charges online within minutes of them being made because I check everything frequently.You can also have alerts set up on your accounts. Have an email sent everytime there is a charge on your account. The emails usually come a day or two after the charge though, but if you can't check your accounts that often it is good. Set it up for any charge over a very small amount, like 3 or 4 dollars, or even one dollar.
02 Jul 2021
called today, but it went to voice mail before I could answer. A 'message' was left which was dead air. I am on the do not call list. Called US Bank using the different number on my business card. They told me this is a US Bank number but it is for personal accounts. Called the 800-285-8585 number and talked to an operator. She said that this is a US Bank number, but they only call people if they are late or there is a problem with the account. They do not call to lower interest rates. They are aware that someone is using their number and are trying to fix it.I was asked for my cc number, which I did not give. However, when I call any of my credit card numbers they always ask for your number, and the zip or some other identifying item. It is how they know you are the account holder. The lesson here is not to give any info to someone who calls you, only give the information if you have called the company yourself, and then only if you know it's your credit card company.Credit card companies only ask for the last four digits of your social security number, if they ask for that at all.

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