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09 Sep 2021
13 Aug 2021
Looked it up; it said Sprint Fort Worth, but it was a voice mail letting me know a Time Warner Cable outage I reported earlier had been resolved.
31 Jul 2021
1-800-service is sprint. They keep calling my home looking for someone that does not live here or has never lived at my home. They keep calling about a bill for their phone. This company has been told this person does not live here at this address. They have been told I do not know him, but this still does not stop them. They still call at lest one or twice a day looking for him.
26 Jul 2021
They were offering an upgrade to a newer phone for $5/month. I am a Sprint customer, so the call made sense to me.
04 Jul 2021
800-777-4681 is Sprint. Of the five calls I have received from this number, NONE speak English fluently, when you ask for someone that does speak ENGLISH, they get upset and hang up on you. I have had Sprint Service since 1995, I am about to close my account. Their service is getting worse every day, their coverage sucks anywhere in the US except metro areas. They need to feel what number 4 in the wireless industry feels like.
18 Jun 2021
this is sprint phone or tele-sales
08 Jun 2021
Same as all the other folks. Mostly can't unders the caller. Middle Eastern obviously.... Didn't listen to message because I couldn't understand it anyway. So looked up number and found many others complains.I do have an account with Virgin Mobil. Online there rates and Sprint seems to be their service provider.I hate...hate talking to those non-english speaking clowns. I usually hank up i f I can't get transfered to someone speaking English in our USA.
02 Jun 2021
they called me and texted me claimin that one of them had terrets and the other was like the best friend or something the i got them to admit it was a prank call then they said thier names we zoe and zoey and they sounded like teenage girls....also the caller id said the were both from missouri
18 May 2021
calling at 11:30 at night. unacceptable.
29 Apr 2021
sprint Telemarketers

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Unknown number called me 3 times.


This is Sirius trying to sell their service totally annoying!


They say to hold for the next available agent and then it hangs up. They call 2 to 3 times a day.


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