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15 Sep 2021
I went online with my Verizon account to schedule a payment when my social security check comes in. I printed a receipt for the payment to be made next week. Does the left hand not know what the right hand is doing? Why do they call when arrangements have been made for payment? I wish Ma Bell was still in control.
11 Aug 2021
yeah i got a call from them, they didn't answer. i called em back, the machine said verison. This i assumed was in relation to them having no customer service for their internet. I waited on the line for way to long, though the message on their machince said 5 min wait time. i spoke to the suppervisor of verizon long distance,and they told me, to call back and wait.. i left that thing on for 35 minutes. THE SCARY THING IS.. when i started talking, side comments to myself.. the volume on my speaker phone when quiet and stayed quiet. You think it's a coincidence? after calling back again.. and waiting.. when i started playing a recording of me playing the guitar on my computer.. again the volume on the waiting background music went down. Verison also has told me they hire sub contact work to telecomunication compaies. because i had been getting calls from this number in florida for various things. They wanted my vin number of my car of all things.. later they said they were verison. i called verison and they could not confirm or deny if they were affiliated. I looked on the internet and the number came up as a information telecom company. They were obvious offering a scam, they told me i had to renew my car insurance. IT was the same same guy same voice on sevral calls.. usualy wanting to speak with my handi-cap mom who is disabled. I do not want a scam artist harassing my mother. There is no one to call. The better business burro has been corrupt as the FDA for pretty much since they came out. [removed:lang]
31 Jul 2021
This number needs to be investigated.
23 Jun 2021
You would think a phone company like Verizon would like to have their phone number show up on the sevices they get you to pay for like caller ID, what are they trying to hide here. just a thought !
12 Jun 2021
verizon - missed a payment - computer call
30 May 2021
Unknown Name and 888 423-0900. They called, I answered, No nothing. They just hang up.I called back. after going through the circuler voice mail and waiting for 10 minutes I got through to someone that identified herself as being with Verizon Finances. She wanted my full name, mailing address, phone number, and account number off my Verizon statement.I informed her the reason I was calling was the rude phone call I got and I was going to report it to the attorney generals office and that I wasn't going to give them any information at all considering there was no way to varify they were actually with Verizon and not someone trying to con me out of money.Her response was they would just disconect my phone.
01 May 2021
Verizon Fios (Bill Reminder)
30 Apr 2021
scam scam scam
29 Apr 2021
888 423 0900 and there is no sound on the other line, just dead silence
24 Apr 2021
Verizon robocall

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It is actually Verizon saying that your service will be interrupted if you do not pay your bill. It...


Called to say I will be billed $300.00 for a 3 year subscription , subscription for what I don't kno...


Also it was not a recording. Voice knew my gov name. talked about a donation but hug up once having...


They say to hold for the next available agent and then it hangs up. They call 2 to 3 times a day.


They call, I answer, and get no reply, other then hung up on.


Repeated calls regarding IRS Debt.


Five calls to my cell at 11:16 am today. This has been happening daily. ID says SD&A Teleservs


Didn't answer - but caller ID said Telemarketer. No VM left

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