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Telephone number: +18008232265
(8008232265, 018008232265)

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15 Sep 2021
I needed to go to my local TCF branch to update my pin for the new updated system to be installed in May.
27 Aug 2021
Received two calls in the past 1.5 weeks. I called them after the second and they confirmed the legitimacy of the calls, but they couldn't, or wouldn't, tell me the nature of the calls. They wanted me to go to a branch office to inquire, but the closest one is like a 6 hour drive. So I just asked to be put on their Do Not Call list.
20 Jul 2021
a bother
10 May 2021
This is a legit number for TCF Card Services and bank account information. If you hold a TCF bank card, this is the number on the back.
25 Apr 2021
all u hear is a clicking
21 Apr 2021
This is TCF's number. The last time I answered this number, I gave them my info and I shouldn't have. I called TCF and they had me cancel my checking account and get a new one. I guess they do NOT call their customers and ask for info on our acconunts.
16 Jan 2021
This number is TCF Banks Main number to call for account details.
25 Dec 2020
can not get status of checking account
19 Dec 2020
If you already know who called you, why would you need to look up the number?

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Unknown number called me 3 times.


They say to hold for the next available agent and then it hangs up. They call 2 to 3 times a day.


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