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Telephone number: +18008468212
(8008468212, 018008468212)

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20 Dec 2021
This number 800-846-8212 calls me at least once per day, waking me, rings once and hangs up or waits for me to pick up and hangs up. I'm guessing this is how their employees are racking up callout numbers. I hope they all die a slow and painful death.
26 Nov 2021
why couldn't they/she state first who she/they are ?It must be spectrum/time is that STUPID not to do that or a SCAM call
13 Nov 2021
where can i find pictures of my boyfriend evan shatto
12 Nov 2021
They called me on a number that I only use for personal calls. Very bad PR.
01 Nov 2021
Pay your bill on time and it won't call you. Pretty simple.I don't pay on time, I let it roll a few months, doesn't bother me. But every month I can look forward to this number calling me.
29 Oct 2021
Called at 10:30 at night. Did not answer- knew if it was important they'd leave a message. Did no, of course!
09 Oct 2021
These people are complete Jerks. They disturb you during the work day, and have no concern for the annoyance that it causes.
28 Sep 2021
They called me at 12:25 am and woke me out of a sound sleep.
12 Sep 2021
Time-Warner automated survey
11 Sep 2021
Yes - 800-846-8212 - is a call-back type survey # after you talk with a Time Warner rep for service or customer support to see how it's not really well in-sync though with why you called. In my case, I was having trouble one eve with my iPad Time Warner cable tv app - as were all the customer support people I spoke with themselves. No one had reported it to them though - and being at work, they were not trying to 'watch' it on their ipads. But they retrieved one, tried it, and then told the higher-ups it was malfunctioning.They were going off duty at 9pm that night and told me they would call me back to try mine again IF they saw TW got it fixed while they were still on duty. It did not get fixed then but was working by the next day again. I think it was at the upload end to them in terms of the signal.Anyway - this 800-846-8212 is just an auto-survey - there are no live people managing this particular line. It may not eve be TW itself but a contractor - not sure. It is harmless tho - not selling anything, not asking for anything but ratings from 1-5 on their customer support.

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