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21 Dec 2021
My parents and I received a phone call on our landline phone from (800) 869-3557 at 1:34 P.M. Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. I picked up our phone receiver and hung it up. Our caller ID did not provide us with a company name or with a persons name. I searched this phone number on the website Google and found out that it may be a Wells Fargo Bank scam. I reported this phone number to the FCC and to the National Do Not Call Registry.
13 Sep 2021
Got a call requesting to speak to my husband (they used his first name) and I told caller he was unavailable. Person said that he was Devon from Wells Fargo and that he was calling about the letter (my husband) received from Wells Fargo. When I inquired as to what letter, caller said he would call back at a more convenient time and hung up. (Note: I had him repeat himself several times as there was a great deal of background noise)
08 Sep 2021
This charge was not authorized. It was a free sample to review, and then buy if I wanted to. I did not buy this magazine, nor authorize it.Thank you,Tom baldwin910-520-6687
08 Aug 2021
39$ has constantly been taken out of my account I have no clue as to why that is
22 Jul 2021
Received two calls so far from this number. Answered the second call and no one was there. Stupid computer cold calling. It's a Wells Fargo 800 number. When I called back, a polite guy answered but said they don't make outgoing calls... someone did! He asked for my account number as if it was related to an issue with an account...if that were the case, someone would have talked to me when I answered the incoming call in the first place.
14 Jul 2021
I am on the do not call list. Quit calling me
10 Jul 2021
The number is 1-800-548-1116 in case you haven't got it already
08 Jul 2021
I get these calls daily. They are for an associated company that wants to sell you additional life/health insurance. I've talked to them and asked for some literature and they reluctantly said yes. When I got their packet it stated that I had agreed to their product and I had 30 days from the day of the call to discontinue their insurances. I called the only number I found in the 50 pages of junk. When I called they canceled the account, but the only confirmation number I received was the operators initials and the date of the cancellation. I was told that the insurance payments would have come directly out of my Well's Fargo checking account, so I've been watching monthly for their $24.95 fee, as I don't trust them at all. If they signed me up without my consent, it doesn't make me feel all that secure that a few letters and the date will be enough to cancel this program I didn't want.
03 Jul 2021
No message on my machine. called at 2:51 PM.
26 Jun 2021
did not answer

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