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13 Sep 2021
Same thing just happened to me. The cable guy just left my house after installing a new box and 3 calls in a row from that number!!
29 Aug 2021
Time Warner - Automated call from telemarketing system (my number is on the do not call list by the way!)
25 Aug 2021
call comes in - and no one on the other line. IT's Time Warner with their automatic annoyance call, they're doing telemarketing and they don't happen to have an operator available at the time.
17 Aug 2021
I receive calls from this 800 number daily. It is very annoying! I dont answer when I see the number, but they call over and over.How can we stop this?I am also on the Do Not Call List.....big wooooooo
12 Aug 2021
I called Time Warner to report a problem with my cable, and I set up an appointment for their tech to come the next day. Within 15 minutes this number called me twice. I guess they know I'm home so they thought they'd try to sell me something. I didn't answer.
09 Aug 2021
Didn't answer. However:I called back and got Time Warner Cable Customer Service, it asked if I was a customer (yes) and if this was my home number (yes) and was lead to a voice prompt system. I told it I wanted a rep, it asked what department and I said customer service to which it eventually hung up on me. After multiple attempts I called back and just kept repeating 'representative' and wouldn't give it a department (every time I did it'd hang up). It lead me to customer service where I got a real person (shocking right?). I asked her why they were calling so she looked in the notes and said there was nothing and it must have been a sales call (duh?). I told her this is my cell phone number and I would like to opt out of sales calls. She said she added that option and it would take up to 30 days for the calls to stop. Hope this helps you all!
29 Jul 2021
I have gotten countless calls from this number and everytime it is the same it is a hangup call I have called it back and asked to be removed from their calling list only to have my call dropped during one of the many transfers it takes to attempt speaking to a representive please lose my number and stop calling me all hours of the day and night!
15 Jul 2021
received 3 calls from 1-800-892-2253 within 10 minutes on cellphone~!!! This is ridiculous.Is there any way to stop these shenannigans? Its aggravating, and especially not leaving a voicemail.
12 Jul 2021
The Do Not Call Registry doesn't count if you are an active customer of the company who calls.
19 Jun 2021
called three times in an hour after calling their tech support. Shameful.

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first part cut off, but claimed I had to call back or my account would be billed. Reno, NV


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happens on regular basis spoof #


Ernie from WL Construction called and left a message for the owner by name. Our secretary was uncer...


Caller from Hyundai Capital and that he was collecting a missed payment


Called six times since Nov 3rd, no voice mail left

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