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Telephone number: +18553344197
(8553344197, 018553344197)

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01 May 2021
When I called back and asked them to take my number out of their database, they said they couldn't. They were patronizing and rude. The message they left for someone else was threatening - glad it wasn't for me.
29 Apr 2021
Since I wouldn't provide important personal information I didn't qualified. But yet and still they keep calling me everyday. Sometimes three and four or more. Also they keeping leaving texts messages
25 Apr 2021
she also called with a very rude tone left a voice mail from an unknown number stating if I had my attny that was rep me..if not she highly advised I get one and expected a call within 24hrs and accepted reciept of the voice mail as proof of receipt funny since it is a prepaid phone new and no name on the voice mail.
20 Apr 2021
Commenity bank is a credit card financial service provider for 'Gamestop'.They left a voicemail for myself to contact Jeff 'Today' to discuss the matter of my missed payments on my Gamestop credit card. I spoke with a gentleman by the name of 'Justin'.He was very polite and courteous.We settled the matter bc I 'do' owe on my gamestop creditcard.These people work off of a script of course in order to provoke people (that owe on there credit card through their company) to call them and settle their debt. If you are not sure of who is calling for their number on the internet first.But isn't it strange that the guys names start with 'J'..the number on my phone says 'Jeremy'..I spoke with Justin..and Jeff is the one who left me a voicemail (Read from their 'script'. lol.
18 Apr 2021
Said someone who doesn't live in our home had a debt that needed to be collected.
18 Apr 2021
Said it was community re Gardener White. Called my Dads widow and left a voicemail. my dad has been dead for almost 20 years!They call constantly
14 Apr 2021
Called and left a voicemail. I returned the call and spoke with a Mrs. M. The debt was mine, and the woman I spoke with was very courteous, respectful, and worked with me regarding the debt and my personal situation. The call was professional and a positive experience.
13 Apr 2021
cometity bank debt
11 Apr 2021
Same as all the other commntors. Calls and says they want to talk to me kr my etourney so we can discuss options for this 'issue' not stating what the issue is. Says if i don't respond today they will be forced to assume i have no plan to resolve the 'issue' and further disciplinary actions will be taken.
05 Apr 2021
I received a voicemail from a mrs. Manley who asked to speak with somebody that had the same last name as me but had my grandmother's first name we do not have the same last name. I called him back and told him that this person does not exist and thought it was weird that they would have my number they told me that they would take my number off the account but insisted there was somebody with that name linked to an account. I can assure you there is not a single person with that name.

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USA: +18553344197 | 8553344197

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