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27 Apr 2021
I have been receiving calls from Commenity Capital Bank several times a week for the past couple of months. I never answer calls if I don't know who they are. They leave a voicemail every time. I have 10 saved voicemails from them (different person most times). They keep calling for someone that I don't even know. But, leave harassing messages. I would answer if the number would show up the same every time, but it does not. Short of changing my number, I would like for the harassment to stop.
27 Apr 2021
Called relative..scary them..thinking I was in some trouble and put THERE name as a both 617# they called from and 855#(they told relative to call back ..BOTH # came back SCAM!!!
26 Apr 2021
Caller displayed 999-111-0001, left a message asking if I have a legal representative, and suggested to me to call back (855) 334-4198 with a 7-digit extension if I don't have legal representation. Very vague on what the issue was, only to say if I don't call back, they will assume I don't have any intention to settle the issue (???what issue???), and will advise the bank (presumably Comenity Bank) to take further action. They had been calling me daily for months with different numbers, either with robo calls or apparently live persons. Have never told me what the real issue was. It definitely is a scam since I don't have anything to do with this bank.
26 Apr 2021
Called asking about my mom. Not sure how they got my number. Honestly not sure how this stuff is still legal to do.
23 Apr 2021
A lady told me it was a personal matter between their bank and my daughter and to have my daughter call them back. Thank you to this website WHO CALLED YOU FROM THIS NUMBER' as it directed me to ignore these people!
21 Apr 2021
Received voicemail from A collection agency, unnamed, describing an escalating matter, so serious that if not Miss (my mother in-law) called back within 4pm the date of the call, if not the caller would regard the lack of action as not intent to 'resolve the very critical status', the caller further threatened to take further action directly affecting Miss (mother-in-law). The caller made it clear that the message read into my voicemail was recorded and would serve as proof of notification. In reality debt collectors have to send a written notification within five days after contacting a debtor on phone. A debt collector is NOT allowed to call relatives of the debtor. Don't recommend communicating with such callers as Mr. 'Torreil', the probability of this person being a scam, seems high.
21 Apr 2021
Keep calling my number for my husband. we have not done business we are aware of with this credit card issuer. They do collect for medical debt I believe and dental? Not sure but they are threatening and if they left a less scary message they might actually get a call back. I do not answer unknown calls and most of these places should know that most people don't. And scaring someone surely does not make them call back!! Not sure they are legitimate. Its called Comenity Bank.You can google them and see what credit cards they issue for many places like Victoria secret, bed bath and beyond etc.
17 Apr 2021
Called from a completely different number-left a vm stating it was urgent I call back or have my attorney call them directly (no idea why I need an attorney). Stated if I do not have an attorney to call her back asap before they take legal action.
15 Apr 2021
This number calls incessantly, leaves threatening messages. Now they are calling my sons work. They will get him fired.
13 Apr 2021
Call ID showed 1-614-754-4060, they left message for (not me, but correct maiden name) stating they had 'urgent matter to discuss' and if they did not get call back at 855-334-4198, ext. 1226476, she would be making a 'serious decision' for (me.) It is a scam to try to get you to pay off debt using your CREDIT CARDS BUT DO NOT GIVE THEM THAT INFO! Said I could take care of a relative's debt by giving them credit card info. I have no relative by the name they used. Tell them you will have your attorney can call them back. They will probably hang up!

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