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25 May 2021
This afternoon I received a call - 034572XXXXX - from someone pretending to call from the Halifax Fraud Team and they told me someone was trying to make a payment with my card and needed to check if it was really us making the payment. I told them it wasn't us and they informed that our card was cloned or something and they will send a new card. In addition, They needed to change our sort code and account number. They were really prepared and professional and told us that we had to move out a
25 May 2021
Scam call
23 May 2021
Thought the caller sounded odd which made me suspicious.... Pretended to be Halifax asking personal details, Saying there has been a fraudulent transaction on my account for a car purchase in Dublin. Nothing pending on my banking app so again didn't add up. Googled the number and found this page. Caller tried to persuade me not to call Halifax back as I would be waiting 1 hour 20 mins to speak to someone, So it would be easier to deal with him. I have since called Halifax who confirmed this i
22 May 2021
02 May 2021
27 Apr 2021
I received a call from 0345 720 3041 advising they're from Halifax and 2 payments have been attempted using my account in the last 15mins. The women requested my long card number so my account could be blocked and a new card issued, This is when I got suspicious and said I didn't have the card details available during the call so they advised they would call back. I then received a text from 20220 saying 'Santander have scheduled you a call back at 3:50'. I've confirmed with Halifax this IS
22 Apr 2021
I didn’t give any genuine pass codes only the card reader stuff, They asked if I knew a payee which I didn’t then said to confirm the cancel on my card reader. I realised they weren’t cancelling the payee they were adding them, Luckily I emptied my account at the start of the call so there was no money they could take.
21 Apr 2021
Beware scam fraud ask you your bank details
16 Apr 2021
This number called me and stated that my account had been compromised and after asking the standard security questions (full name, DOB and address), They identified a £910 pending transaction for a purchase I did not make. This phone number is ONE digit different from the Halifax customer service number listed on the back of my bank card. I actually checked my account on my mobile banking and this was true and the transaction was visible in my pending section. I even had legitimate text messa
07 Apr 2021
I had a call from someone stating to be Halifax saying I had fraud on my account and a transaction from another city. I didn't get as far to give him details. I asked for my address and date of birth that they knew. Still, I ended the call. I had fraud the other month and Halifax usually send you a message asking if you have made said transaction they don't call you. Dodgy!!!!

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