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13 May 2021
02 May 2021
Pretending to be LLyods bank. No activity as of yet but just making sure if they have my details then contact bank to make sure
29 Apr 2021
Received a text off this number claiming my card had been declined because of possible fraud. Called Lloyds bank via telephone number found on Lloyds app. Was genuinely Lloyds who stopped a fraudulent purchase.
31 Mar 2021
Received a text that came up from Lloyd's bank saying that i will receive another text which I did. Saying my act debit card had been used today for £0. 00 reply yes if it was me or no if it wasnt. Seemed genuine. But no activity on my online act. So ignored
14 Mar 2021
Scam sms and calls
13 Mar 2021
I had a text which identified itself as 'Halifax' which said “You will shortly receive a text from Lloyds Bank to confirm recent activity on your card ending ****” I did get a second SMS which didn't identify itself as Halifax (just came up with 07860028419. It said there had been a payment for £6 blocked and to reply with Yes or No whether I made that transaction. I was tempted but then I thought if it's really Halifax the text wouldn't display a mobile number. I logged onto the website
03 Mar 2021
Scammers pretending to be bank of Scotland
20 Feb 2021
Received a text message at 20:00 he's claiming my Halifax debit card ending in **** which was my card had been used the payment had been declined and I was told that I need take no action other than to confirm or refute that this was my card earlier in the night I received a phone call from Halfax reporting unusual activity on my debit card from phone number 03330459571 there was also a voice mail from this number asking for pin number and other card details I checked this number out and it t
18 Feb 2021
You will get a text from this number but also will get a text pretending it’s from Lloyds bank ( but actually it is not ) just before the text from this number which says “You will shortly receive a text from Lloyds Bank to confirm recent activity on your card ending ****”, So it looks like really from the bank. The text says “ Lloyds Bank has noticed your Lloyds Debit card ending **** was used on The date, The time at **** for £***This payment was declined. If this was you please reply YES,
12 Feb 2021
Had a call to warn me of recent activity on my bank card. The payment was refused by the bank. Please be aware of this scam.

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