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Telephone number: +447860092482
(07860092482, 00447860092482)

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24 May 2021
Lloyds asking for transaction confirmation. Do not answer it’s extortion.
22 May 2021
Fraudulent bank message, Got a message from same number that my normal bank messages come from followed up by a text from this number advising me of activity on my account. When I did not respond I then got an automated call claiming to be from my bank asking me to confirm my bank details - I promptly hung up
15 May 2021
Genuine bank call to see check transactions made on my card. Phoned my NatWest account and had to confirm purchases with the fraud department
25 Apr 2021
It is the BANK of SCOTLAND Security check up, to make sure it was you that just used your credit card to purchase an item, well done BANK OF SCOTLAND.. ROBERT HUME ****
23 Mar 2021
Genuine text. No problems.
19 Mar 2021
Contacted as Lloyd's bank? Is this related to Lloyd's bsnk
21 Feb 2021
Saying it was from LLoyds check account was not look up phone number got here now blocking.
17 Feb 2021
Allegedly Halifax asking for transaction confirmation
05 Feb 2021
Fraud was suspected on my account due to an unusual transaction. It was the bank asking me to contact them if i didn't recognise the transaction to contact them. Saved me a fortune!!!
16 Jan 2021
Claims to be my bank. First they will send a txt msg saying 'your card was used' etc. It also as a link which YOU SHOULD NOT CLICK. This is followed by another msg saying we will ring you from this number..... Please do not reply

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